Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Hair

I've finally got new hair out. I've actually got three more in my inventory but at the moment I'm fighting with the texture change script. Haven't quite got that one mastered yet.

This one is called Empire and I had a bit of a fight with it too. Finally, I had to call it a draw. On the advice of a friend I decided to try the hinged flexi prim method of building again. Through a series of trial and errors and a couple of "doh"s thrown in for good measure I finally got everything lined up. The quirk came in when I tried to apply the tips textures. When I zoomed out a line became visible between the flexi and the static prim. I don't know if it's just my graphic card settings or what but that's the reason this style is only being released in solid colors. Therefore, the Dead Pack has only 3 colors in it and is priced at $125L and the Complete Pack for this one is priced at $1300L.
The style is pulled up into a single "pony tail" which is supported by a row of double braids. In the above picture, the colors are Aries on the left (from the Zodiac Pack 1) and Abyss (Dead Pack) on the right.

In this picture the one on the left is in Desire from the Seduction Pack and the one on the right is Cancer again from the Zodiac Pack 1.

This is just have to mention because it took me awhile to find a toga I was happy with. The toga is from Toga! in the Portabello region and is called Goddess Toga. The shoes (which I just love) are called Gladiator and are made by SLink.