Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally! A new release!

Yes, believe it or not there's a new release out in the store. I know, I know...try not to faint. Between RL work, sleep deprivation and being vexed by texture creation things haven't been coming too fast in SL. that I figured out how to create alphas easily with my existing hair textures things flow much better, not to mention quicker.

This is Lenora. Short, sweet and to the point. A long style with bangs pulled back from the face (for the most part) with messy flexi tendrils trailing down the sides and back.
The image on the left is Spectral from the Dead Pack and the image on the right is Raziel from the Heraldry Pack.
The shot on the left is Aries from Zodiac Pack 1 and the right one is Anarchy from the Vamp Pack. And yes, I've finally embraced my inner goth. :)