Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Releases

I've been diving into genealogy lately and the only desire I've come away with is to build a time machine so I can go back and put bar codes on all the ancestors.  I swear the only names available were Robert, John, William and Margaret.  If that isn't bad enough, they had the audacity to either go by a nickname or use their middle name.  You can imagine how much fun that can be when trying to match census records with birth and marriage records.  I had to haul in an extra table to sit beside my computer desk to house the scanner, albums, local history books and notes I've made.  Despite that, my desk is still under a deluge of pads, pens, rulers and miscellaneous loose papers which is why I can't find the notepad I had been keeping track of the music I was listening to while I was creating these hairstyles so there's no 'playlist' notes for this post.  I'm sure I'll come across my lost notepad at some point.

The first one is BB, named after the woman that had requested this simple yet elegant updo.

Style Notes: 
Skin: Lacie 2 by Laqroki
Jewelry: Chandraki by EarthStones
Dress: Speakeasy by Cleo Couture

These next two are variations.  The first one is the 'no frills' version called Electron which is a very tall spiraled hair.  There's no tips colors for this style so the Dead Pack and Complete Pack have had their prices adjusted to reflect this.

Style Notes:
Skin: Sara (Pearl) by Tuli
Jewelry: Dark Charm by Damania
Dress: Queenie Ze Vamp by Bewitched
Model: Seven Paragon

This one is called Magnetic which is a more elaborate flexi version of the above.

Style Notes: 
Skin: Maya by Dream Ink
Face Tattoo: Nuuna's face tattoos/makeups 2 by Nuuna's Skins
Dress: Necromancer by Chaospire
Mask: Teaser Face Mask by N1CO

The last two are male and female versions of the same hair which is called Hunter.

Style Notes:
Skin: Gabriel by Naughty Designs
Clothing: Rune Uprise by DE Designs
Model: Leighton Toxx

Style Notes: 
Skin: Persephone by addiXion
Clothes: Zombi Hunter Lady by BareRose
Face Tattoo: Formula for a Nightmare by Little Pricks

While I was doing the photo sessions I couldn't resist taking some pictures for use as creative shots which I'm sure I'll get around to at some point in time and while I'm on this theme, Ruina Kessel, a wonderfully creative individual, has started a Hairoin Hair Flickr group (much to my delight and surprise) which can be found here  So if you're feeling an artistic spark and want to show it off be sure to stop by the Flickr group to post it.