Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time for another one

There's four styles I've been picking away at for awhile.  When one gets me frustrated I'd move on to another. When they all start to frustrate me, it's time to start building something completely different because there's just times you completely lose your building mojo.  Below is one of the ones I was picking at.

This one is Atomic Kitten.  This is a couple of static ponies with straight cut bangs and there's a bit of sculpty use for the pony ends.

I have an evil, evil friend that insists on taking me shopping to all these new places she's found. The skin is a result of one of those shopping trips.
Style Notes:
Clothing & boots - Dayum by Delerium
Lip piercing - Kali by loulou & Co
Skin - Morgana by Dream Ink

"Love Doesn't Have to Hurt" by Atomic Kitten
"Goodie Two Shoes" and "Strip" by Adam Ant
"What Died" & "Baby Now" by Alden
"Sexy Boy" by Moon Safari
"Black Velvet by Alannah Myles