Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bored bored boredboredbored...

I've run out of things to do and am now sitting here twiddling my thumbs so I figured I'd do a post about solutions I've come up with that might not have occurred to others.

I don't know about anyone else but landmarks drive me crazy. I've got a ton of them and over time you forget where you saw this thing or that thing or even what the store is all about. I've tried gizmos that organize your LM's but I've still found them a pain and limiting. What I've taken to doing is notecards. I have notecards for shoes, clothing, etc and I just drop the landmark in the notecard with a description of the store, what was there that I wanted to make note of for future reference, etc. I've even got a "Favs" notecard with duplicate landmarks. It's a low tech solution that works for me so I'm going with it.

Again with the low tech solution. When I'm doing a build I want to see all the textures in a set instantly and have access to them. Besides, they can take up a huge chunk of your inventory too. To combat this, I rez as many standard cubes as I need for a texture set and then apply a single texture in that set to each cube. I then link the boxes together, name the linkset the same as the texture set, take it into inventory and put it in the folder of that texture set name. I can then box up all my textures and when I'm doing a build I can just whip out the linkset to have all my textures right there and already rezzed. Just use the eyedropper when you want to apply them to your build. The linkset counts as 1 object in inventory so if you have a huge amount of textures you can clean things up that way.
(**ooops! hehe I should have said, box them up until you need them. Rez your texture boxes until you find what you want and then unbox the textures into inventory.)

Builders and spinning attachments
I think that because I've figured something out everyone else must know it too. Imagine my surprise when I found that wasn't the case. During the last Hair Fair the problem of having to re-align hair when you wear it for the first time came up. To avoid that for hair or any other creation here's the solution: Rez a cube but do NOT rotate it, give it a name (you can also drop in your toaster scripts or whatever you use, set permissions, etc) and take it into inventory. Now attach it to the body part you want. Color only the face of the cube that is forward and pull it out from the body but do NOT alter the cube's rotation. Take the cube into inventory. When it comes time to link everything up, rez your preset cube and rotate this one so the colored face is forward. Now wear the preset cube in your inventory. I go into wireframe mode to align the free floating cube to the one I'm wearing but I'm sure you can do it in normal view. When the two cubes are aligned, detach the one you're wearing and link your creation to the cube that's left. Take your creation into inventory, wear it and shove the root prim into the body. Voila! No more fighting with your new creation.

I hope someone has found this helpful and it helped me pass the time.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Release for the Men

I finally got around to finishing the men's style I had started a while ago. (slinks off to hide) I think I've developed a phobia for creating men's hair. Every time I start one I feel a kind of mental dead zone creep up on me so I leave it for quite a while. Stupid, I know but I've never felt comfortable doing men's hair tho I still take a stab at it now and again. So below is my latest "stab"...(omg I had to upload this one four times before I found a format that didn't come out looking fuzzy.) This one is called Raff and is the Gangrel male hair in the Vampire series. It's shown in Samael found in the Demon Pack. The style was made to fit my head but not to worry. The style and the demo are equipped with resizer script and since it's not a precision style there shouldn't require any tinkering although you'll probably have to hit the +10% a couple of times before it fits your head. :-)

Poses - Sylva's Animation Warehouse
Skin - David (Tan) by Cryogen Lab
Pants = Warrior Leather Pants by Lapointe & Bastchild
Shoes = Dress Shoes by Lapointe & Bastchild
Arms = Necroslasher Gauntlets by Spider Productions
Eyes = Hazel (unreleased) by me :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Release

You shouldn't think and drink. As I sat here deep in thought on how to start this post I went to take a drink of my diet coke. I ended up missing my mouth and dribbling the sticky liquid on me instead. Thankfully I missed the keyboard. Just what you always wanted to know about me...the fact that I drink diet coke.
This release is called Diva.This one is meant to be a 'big hair' style in a mess. Both colors shown are from the Doctrine pack. The one on the left is Cardinal and the larger image on the right is Heretic. (The demo is in the Cardinal color.)
Dress = Falln - Cinner
Nose Ring = Flipside
Face Tattoo = Inflict
Shoes = B & G - Melody
Pose = 5ifth Order

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Que Bella

It's still too early for me to preamble....I have, afterall, only had two cups of coffee so far. And now I catch myself blankly staring at the blinking cursor and have to mentally remind myself why I'm staring at a blinking cursor yet legally I can operate a motor vehicle. Makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, the new release is Que Bella shown below:
This one is an updo pulled into a line running down the center. It's shown in Sonnet from the Goth Pack on the left and Grimoire from the Wiccan Pack on the right. Again, the style is copy, modify, no transfer and has resizer scripts as well.
Clothing - VaMpArT - Dress is Dead Elegant and the jacket is from In Blood (I don't think she's been in business long as her store is small but she's got some beautiful creations and definitely worth keeping an eye on.)
Poses - Left = Naughty - Model Pose 36 Right = Striking Poses - Natalia Vodianova 1

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oops. I knew I was forgetting to do something.

I often think that the naming of a hair style is akin to a psych evaluation - you know, the word association test...just say the first thing that comes into your head. This is the reason I get a chuckle out of hairstyles named things like "Cupcake" or "Sugar". Guess what the creator was either thinking about or eating at the time. Make what you will out of the name "Resonance" (I'm not even sure where that one came from) as it's the name of the new release.Here the style is shown in Allure from the Seduction Pack. I guess you'd describe the hair as 'radial' and the pony tail is flexi and falls over the shoulder. Again, it's copy, modify, no transfer and contains resizer scripts. Other notables from the shot are:
Clothing - GothiCatz - Immortal
Boots - Adam n Eve - Skai (even tho you can't see them)
Poses - Striking Poses - Debra Paget 3 & Doutzen Kroes #2

I'll officially announce this release and another I've almost finished in the group in a couple of days. I'm working on sculpties now to finish off the style. And yes guys, I've got things in the works for you too unfortunately I can see 10 different ways to create these styles but only one way will actually work. I just hope I get it right before I hit the 10th attempt.

I also wanted to mention that the hunt item is still in the Hairoin store - it's just been moved to another location. ;)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Change of plans....

lol Okay...So I won't be using a pumpkin (don't ask). Instead, below is a picture of what you'll be looking for:
It's up in the store now for sale for $0. It's for the Arrest complete pack and I'm gonna make you work for this one. It's not tiny, it's in plain sight but I'm going to make you work for it. ;) Can't make it too easy. Hope you have fun hunting! It'll be up in the store until October 31st and don't be surprised if the location changes from one day to the next. Hope you like it and happy hunting!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Freebie Part Deux

Okay...after thinking about it a bit I've decided NOT to put the Arrest style up for sale in the store. I'm just going to put the complete pack in the store as a freebie. The snag're going to have to hunt for it.
This is what you'll be looking for. There's quite a few pumpkins around the store but this one has a green stem. The hunt will be restricted to the Hairoin store only - not the Kiss store which will help narrow the field of play.
I'll hide the pumpkin in the store late Friday night, October 16th and the hunt will go until October 31st. I'll make an announcement in the group on Friday night sometime.
Happy hunting! ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Freebie

Permissions. They used to be simple and now ..... The style I had spent three days working on for the Halloween hunt I lost control of. Yep...all of a sudden I no longer had permissions to my own creation. Hubby to the rescue again for the second time this weekend. I'm not sure if it was the red glow in my corner of the computer room or if it was the rant that would have made a truck driver's ears bleed but while I was struggling to restrain myself the hubby moved in and after a 1/2 hour of dissecting things he managed to pull a rabbit out of my hat. Now I've only been set back a couple of hours rather than 3 evenings.
The style name is Arrest and is a messy mohawk with a bit of flex. The color displayed is Raphael from the Heraldry Pack. I'm not sure yet what color(s) I'll put in the freebies since I have shops at both Kansas City and the Siam Mall but the style won't be for sale in the store until November 1st. The Halloween hunt is from Oct 17th to October 31st. Below is a list of the hunt locations so far:

Bobo's Masquerade (clothes and masks)
The Golden Thorn,( jewelry shop) Rosewood Fusion Bay 202, 72, 21

Siam City mall Krung Thep 115, 91, 21

Zyngo Splash & OBX Resort, Pacifica 42, 187, 23

PatPong plaza
Silom 248, 92, 21

The Kansas Territory
Kansas Territory 59,215,21 (Kiss/Hairoin is here as well)

UR Trains
Koh Similan 124, 157, 31

plowwies jammies & slippers
Koh Similan 124, 157, 31

No Littlething's Indoor Yard Sale
Sukhumvit 143, 1, 21

Made by- houses & furniture
Titan Max 224, 111, 21

Club Chaplin`s
Koh Wiang 252,53,22

Lady`s garden
Koh Lanna 167, 32, 21

Rayzer's Rock Quarry Animations
Sukhumvit 161, 105, 21

Carla's Workshop, Hamnida
Hamnida 48, 114, 80

northern star photographer
Koh Lanna 105, 187, 306

Cafe Gamma
Koh Lan 201, 229, 23

Koh Chang 188, 104, 22

Koh Phuket 189, 199, 53

Chintia & Micki Wedding Center
Roosendaal 198, 178, 22

:*KD Designs*:.
Deznos Isle 184, 127, 503

BAIM (Building and Curios)
Madison Place 224, 18, 23

Heart and Sole 131, 211, 21

::MADE IN THE UK:: & DiffuZion Mall
Argentum 153, 54, 21

Sweetwater Textures
Ulyanovsk Oblast 180, 162, 1

Virtual Dream 0, 98, 21

Gwen 75, 237, 34

Kansas Territory 100, 122, 21

M&M Deco
Funky Islands 2 47, 75, 21

Isle of Supremacy 12, 215, 24

Zanzo 30, 27, 22

Zanzo 28, 102, 22

Port Dervon/Tulip Isle
Tulip Isle 106, 143, 301

Julia Collection
Morestello 220, 178, 74

Kountry Junction
Tuscan Terrace 38, 119, 21

Kiss- Hair for Men & Women
Kansas Territory 134, 219, 2

MD-Maya's Design - Elegant Hats for Him & Her
Kansas Territory 90, 166, 21

::Gothic Passionate Dreams::
Cassiopeia Harbor 145, 133, 22

BLUESTAR Music Temple
Koh Chang 243, 148, 25

Diesel 185, 226, 22

Diesel 206, 221, 22

Artemis ~Shopping Experience~
Marktplaats 110, 15, 21

UB Unique
leather and Lace 157, 88, 32

Art In Motion
Serendipity Isle 67, 237, 21

Psycotic Imagination
Serendipity Isle 106, 193, 31

Artemis Art
Serendipity Isle 64, 164, 21

GE Design
CDD 142, 142, 1001

Blood & Ashes
Teasured Vamps 66, 226, 21

The Weird And A Little Off Halloween Shop
Petunova 83, 239, 84

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion MainStore
LaRosa 96, 150, 24

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion OutletStore
Fashion 181, 163, 37

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion @ Finest Mall
Finest 177, 103, 22

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion @ BGPAK Club
Vergessen 45, 197, 301

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion @ Golden Sands
Golden Sands 48, 27, 30

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion @ The Mall
The Mall 122, 218, 34

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion @ Prestige
Prestige 19, 222, 22

ToXX SL´s finest Fashion Label Main Store
X 202, 213, 37

! Poddy's Palace Creations
Werribee 151, 55, 501

LaRosa the Cult SL Fashion MainStore
LaRosa 96, 150, 24

CB Design
Serena Catalina 151, 95, 22

B-Dazzled Designs
B Dazzled Island 213, 114, 22

Bad Ampitude - Rock Band Clothing
Divine Oasis 217, 175, 21

Sexy Catz Fashions
Defenestrom 101, 141, 37

Leather and lace club and venue
Leather and Lace 146, 67, 32

Zadark Bay
Zadark Bay 205, 65, 21

New Zadark
New Zadark 194, 180, 24

Zadark Park Raceway
Zadark 144, 73, 21

So there you have it. If you're bored you can go out and do some hunting. Me...I'm outta here for a bit. I need to unwind and come up with a way to repay the hubby for pulling the bacon out of the fire. ;)