Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oops. I knew I was forgetting to do something.

I often think that the naming of a hair style is akin to a psych evaluation - you know, the word association test...just say the first thing that comes into your head. This is the reason I get a chuckle out of hairstyles named things like "Cupcake" or "Sugar". Guess what the creator was either thinking about or eating at the time. Make what you will out of the name "Resonance" (I'm not even sure where that one came from) as it's the name of the new release.Here the style is shown in Allure from the Seduction Pack. I guess you'd describe the hair as 'radial' and the pony tail is flexi and falls over the shoulder. Again, it's copy, modify, no transfer and contains resizer scripts. Other notables from the shot are:
Clothing - GothiCatz - Immortal
Boots - Adam n Eve - Skai (even tho you can't see them)
Poses - Striking Poses - Debra Paget 3 & Doutzen Kroes #2

I'll officially announce this release and another I've almost finished in the group in a couple of days. I'm working on sculpties now to finish off the style. And yes guys, I've got things in the works for you too unfortunately I can see 10 different ways to create these styles but only one way will actually work. I just hope I get it right before I hit the 10th attempt.

I also wanted to mention that the hunt item is still in the Hairoin store - it's just been moved to another location. ;)


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