Saturday, October 24, 2009

Que Bella

It's still too early for me to preamble....I have, afterall, only had two cups of coffee so far. And now I catch myself blankly staring at the blinking cursor and have to mentally remind myself why I'm staring at a blinking cursor yet legally I can operate a motor vehicle. Makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, the new release is Que Bella shown below:
This one is an updo pulled into a line running down the center. It's shown in Sonnet from the Goth Pack on the left and Grimoire from the Wiccan Pack on the right. Again, the style is copy, modify, no transfer and has resizer scripts as well.
Clothing - VaMpArT - Dress is Dead Elegant and the jacket is from In Blood (I don't think she's been in business long as her store is small but she's got some beautiful creations and definitely worth keeping an eye on.)
Poses - Left = Naughty - Model Pose 36 Right = Striking Poses - Natalia Vodianova 1

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