Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing Sale

Hairoin will be closing so from now until (and including) January 5th, all hair is 50% off - all styles, all color packs including complete packs and hair bases.

Thank you to all my customers and supporters.  It's meant a lot to me.


Friday, October 11, 2013


This is going to be a fast and dirty post as I'm working on several things, one of which is a gift for Halloween. Lisa, another new release is now out in the store.  Caryn Ashdene is modelling this one, except for the first picture.  I had forgotten to include something from the Deity/Heraldry/Demon pack so I snapped a couple of quick pictures.  As always, the hair is copy, modify, no transfer and is equipped with resizer so don't forget to delete those scripts if you don't need them!  You can find a TP to the store on the right hand side.

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Release

I've been working on a ton of things simultaneously which has me splitting my time among working online on the live grid, working on the beta grid, and working offline in various programs.  Of course, real life events have to be inserted in there somewhere as well such as the need to eat and sleep. What really doesn't help matters is that a lot of my favorite TV shows start up this week.  Yay for fall programming.

With that said, one of the things I'd been picking away at is this unisex flexi dread style, Blair.  On the advise of a wise woman, I made a tintable shaved head base which is included with the style.  It saves on inventory and you can tweak it how you want.  However, you don't have to wear it with the shaved base. You can wear it with a normal hair base or use no base at all.  The choice is yours.  As always, the hair is copy, modify, no transfer and is equipped with resizer.  The shaved hair base for this one is also copy, modify, no transfer.

Skin - Hope Gothic - Tuli
Clothing - Inkubus - Sakide
Make up - Clown Makeup - Dead Apples
Necklace - Yakushi - Mandala
Playlist - "Double Down Under", "Divided by Night" & "Come Back Clean" by The Crystal Method

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Release - Maxine

I went a little overboard on doing the promo shots this time so I had to condense the pictures.   This is a dread style with a flexi dread pony in the back.  The hair is copy, modify, no transfer AND is equipped with resizing script.  The hair base is included with the style but, as one sharp person caught immediately when she saw the style....you don't have to wear the hairbase with it. ;)

Style Notes:
Goth Look: Skin - Anima Mae Bare by Rue
                  Face Tat - Painted Moth Moonlight by Rue
                  Lip Color - Wet Painted Lips - Pandora Purple by Rue
                  Dress - Darkness Rose by Avid
Everyday Look: Skin - Kristten by Unique Megastore
                         Dress - Dolores Coat Dress - Royal Stewart by Impish
Playlist - "Fall Into Your Arms" by Six by Seven and "Balkan Spirit" by Sufi's Life

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Insinuate Hairoin Post

Ruina Kessel, owner of Rue and the Insinuate blog, has posted a fantastic collection of pictures of the Hairoin Hair Fair styles.  I've always enjoyed Ruina's photos - they're creative and well done.  You can tell she puts a lot of work and effort into them.  This makes me suspect she would have made a fantastic interior designer and perhaps has a bit of fashionista in her soul.  At least a fashionista of an off-beat sort which suits me just fine.  I mean, sticking your toe in the mainstream every once in awhile is fine but I prefer to splash in puddles. ;)   Head on over to her blog post and check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

Friday, July 12, 2013

One more thing....

I wanted to do this but forgot...
To the Hair Fair Committee, in particular Sasy Scarborough, are absolute machines.  They are tireless; they keep us organized and on track, get the land to host Hair Fair, design, build and texture the regions...in short, they do a tremendous amount of work to make Hair Fair a reality and all deserve our thanks.

The Hair Fair Post

As I'm being all masochistic by creating hair after just getting finished all the prep for the Hair Fair, it occurs to me that I have to get the blog post ready.  A 17 pound black cat sitting on my mouse doesn't help matters either.

     Arista is the first style.  This is a mix of prim and sculpt and the pony has a bit of flex in it.  As always, it's equipped with resizing script and is modifiable for those of you who are either brave or used to tweaking prims.

Clothing - Carine - DE Designs
Skin - Alena - Pink Fuel
Lips - Wet Lips Dark - Kosh
Earrings - The Key - Kosh
Playlist: "Rumor Has It" by Adele and "Stompa" by Serena Ryder

This is Bastion and the one I simultaneously had the most fun with and the biggest headache in building.  Suffice it to say this went through no less than 4 versions until I got to the result you see.  And if you're sitting there thinking, "this reminds me of something", you wouldn't be wrong if medieval headwear came to mind.  In case you can't quite see it in the pictures,  a braid runs along the top edge of the 'wing' which terminates in a braided ball at the back.  The hair is resizable and is equipped with resizing script.

Skin - Eva - Tuli
Dress - Victoria the Queen - o00iprincei00o Magic
Playlist: "Lovely 2 CU" by Goldfrapp

Dawn is this style's name.  A twist on a classic updo where the one side has an array of hair feathers around the ear.  The style is modifiable and is equipped with resizer.

Skin - Linn - Glam Affair
Jewelry - Vintage Romance - Earthstones
Dress - Chantilly Mode - Nonna Hedges
Playlist: "Last Night" by Keyshia Cole

The below style is called Fiona.  A chignon style with a few loose wisps as the front.  Again, it's equipped with resizer and is modifiable.

Skin - Mya - Belleza
Clothing - Shattered Glass - Mischief
Playlist: "Star Me Kitten" by William S. Burroughs

This final style is Sparrow, a short, swept-to-the-side style. The hair base is included with the style and it's modifiable and equipped with resizer.

 Skin - Linn - Glam Affair
Clothes - I screwed up on this one. I thought it was Melancholy by Delirium but found out it wasn't when I went back to find it and couldn't.
Playlist: "Song 2" by Blur and "Soothe My Soul" by Depeche Mode

Finally, is the Hair Fair Dollarbie found in the booth.  These are special variations on the Sparrow style and will NOT be for sale after Hair Fair is over so get them while you can.

50% of the proceeds from all the Hairoin styles sold at Hair Fair go to Wigs for Kids.  It's a worthy cause and if you would like to know more about it you can find information on their website  http://www.wigsforkids.org/    To all of the Hair Fair attendees who make a purchase at Hair Fair (not just Hairoin but from any of the vendors there) a big Thank You to you!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finally! Something new

It's been awhile since I've gotten anything new out but I'm starting to get off my duff and do things again.
Sultana is now out in the store.  I actually did this one awhile ago but never put it out there.  The hairbase is included on this one.

Style Notes:
Skin: Liane (Goth) by Amacci
Necklace: Takayama by Mandala
Earrings: Gemma by Rozoregalia
Clothing: Marquise II by Indyra Originals
Playlist: "2-Player Game" and "Love and Imitation" by Infusion