Friday, August 9, 2013

New Release - Maxine

I went a little overboard on doing the promo shots this time so I had to condense the pictures.   This is a dread style with a flexi dread pony in the back.  The hair is copy, modify, no transfer AND is equipped with resizing script.  The hair base is included with the style but, as one sharp person caught immediately when she saw the don't have to wear the hairbase with it. ;)

Style Notes:
Goth Look: Skin - Anima Mae Bare by Rue
                  Face Tat - Painted Moth Moonlight by Rue
                  Lip Color - Wet Painted Lips - Pandora Purple by Rue
                  Dress - Darkness Rose by Avid
Everyday Look: Skin - Kristten by Unique Megastore
                         Dress - Dolores Coat Dress - Royal Stewart by Impish
Playlist - "Fall Into Your Arms" by Six by Seven and "Balkan Spirit" by Sufi's Life


  1. Well, you already know I freaking love this style, but awww you used some of my stuff in your ad pics! I'm honored! <3

  2. The skin was utterly perfect for the look I wanted to create. Now I just have to do some creative shots. ;)