Monday, September 23, 2013

New Release

I've been working on a ton of things simultaneously which has me splitting my time among working online on the live grid, working on the beta grid, and working offline in various programs.  Of course, real life events have to be inserted in there somewhere as well such as the need to eat and sleep. What really doesn't help matters is that a lot of my favorite TV shows start up this week.  Yay for fall programming.

With that said, one of the things I'd been picking away at is this unisex flexi dread style, Blair.  On the advise of a wise woman, I made a tintable shaved head base which is included with the style.  It saves on inventory and you can tweak it how you want.  However, you don't have to wear it with the shaved base. You can wear it with a normal hair base or use no base at all.  The choice is yours.  As always, the hair is copy, modify, no transfer and is equipped with resizer.  The shaved hair base for this one is also copy, modify, no transfer.

Skin - Hope Gothic - Tuli
Clothing - Inkubus - Sakide
Make up - Clown Makeup - Dead Apples
Necklace - Yakushi - Mandala
Playlist - "Double Down Under", "Divided by Night" & "Come Back Clean" by The Crystal Method

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  1. I have been living in this hair! It is so freaking awesome. Well done!