Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Release

You shouldn't think and drink. As I sat here deep in thought on how to start this post I went to take a drink of my diet coke. I ended up missing my mouth and dribbling the sticky liquid on me instead. Thankfully I missed the keyboard. Just what you always wanted to know about me...the fact that I drink diet coke.
This release is called Diva.This one is meant to be a 'big hair' style in a mess. Both colors shown are from the Doctrine pack. The one on the left is Cardinal and the larger image on the right is Heretic. (The demo is in the Cardinal color.)
Dress = Falln - Cinner
Nose Ring = Flipside
Face Tattoo = Inflict
Shoes = B & G - Melody
Pose = 5ifth Order

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