Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bored bored boredboredbored...

I've run out of things to do and am now sitting here twiddling my thumbs so I figured I'd do a post about solutions I've come up with that might not have occurred to others.

I don't know about anyone else but landmarks drive me crazy. I've got a ton of them and over time you forget where you saw this thing or that thing or even what the store is all about. I've tried gizmos that organize your LM's but I've still found them a pain and limiting. What I've taken to doing is notecards. I have notecards for shoes, clothing, etc and I just drop the landmark in the notecard with a description of the store, what was there that I wanted to make note of for future reference, etc. I've even got a "Favs" notecard with duplicate landmarks. It's a low tech solution that works for me so I'm going with it.

Again with the low tech solution. When I'm doing a build I want to see all the textures in a set instantly and have access to them. Besides, they can take up a huge chunk of your inventory too. To combat this, I rez as many standard cubes as I need for a texture set and then apply a single texture in that set to each cube. I then link the boxes together, name the linkset the same as the texture set, take it into inventory and put it in the folder of that texture set name. I can then box up all my textures and when I'm doing a build I can just whip out the linkset to have all my textures right there and already rezzed. Just use the eyedropper when you want to apply them to your build. The linkset counts as 1 object in inventory so if you have a huge amount of textures you can clean things up that way.
(**ooops! hehe I should have said, box them up until you need them. Rez your texture boxes until you find what you want and then unbox the textures into inventory.)

Builders and spinning attachments
I think that because I've figured something out everyone else must know it too. Imagine my surprise when I found that wasn't the case. During the last Hair Fair the problem of having to re-align hair when you wear it for the first time came up. To avoid that for hair or any other creation here's the solution: Rez a cube but do NOT rotate it, give it a name (you can also drop in your toaster scripts or whatever you use, set permissions, etc) and take it into inventory. Now attach it to the body part you want. Color only the face of the cube that is forward and pull it out from the body but do NOT alter the cube's rotation. Take the cube into inventory. When it comes time to link everything up, rez your preset cube and rotate this one so the colored face is forward. Now wear the preset cube in your inventory. I go into wireframe mode to align the free floating cube to the one I'm wearing but I'm sure you can do it in normal view. When the two cubes are aligned, detach the one you're wearing and link your creation to the cube that's left. Take your creation into inventory, wear it and shove the root prim into the body. Voila! No more fighting with your new creation.

I hope someone has found this helpful and it helped me pass the time.

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