Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Stuff

Two weeks off for Christmas which I spent covered in stone dust, paint and clay and I loved every minute of it! Yep, I got back into some of my RL hobbies which I've been ignoring. There's just nothing like snorting stone dust at 1 in the morning and digging terra cotta clay out from under your nails for a week. :P Incidentally, doing stone carving at 1 a.m. is not recommended. You get tired, one false move with that nice sharp chisel and the next thing you know your hubby is standing at the bathroom door admonishing you to be more careful while you to try to stanch the flow of blood from your thumb. (Polysporin RULES!)

I've also been studying Zbrush for the past couple of weeks. I'll see if I've learned anything. Blender is next. Yep, I made Chapters a very happy place with online book orders
I've also managed to get a couple of new hairstyles done which are shown below:

First up...Emmaline.This one is a shaggy shoulder length big hair style with some flex in it. It's shown in Twilight from the Dead pack.

Next is August.
In this one the face is framed with long bangs and the hair is pulled around to one side into pony tail. This one is strictly prims...no flexi in it. It's shown in Sabbat from the Wiccan pack.

The last (and I love this one) is Urchin.This one is all flexi except for the bangs. The pink tips is Eros from the Deity pack and the above picture is Wither from the Goth pack.

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