Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A couple of new ones

I'm a binge buyer.  I won't buy anything for months and then I get pent up consumer frustration and go on the prowl.  On one of these binges I was out shopping with a friend and inevitably the store owner shows up. I had to laugh because I know full well she's checking me out to see exactly who it is that's running wild through her shop.  My friend couldn't believe it but as a content creator myself, I know how this works and believe me, I make my fellow content creators nervous when I shop. A lot of the creations out there can be inspiring so below are a couple of what I've been working on.
 This is called Warrior and the above picture is shown in Grave from the Zombie Pack.  It's a mix of flexi, prim and sculpties.  The face armor is included and attaches to the chin but I'll get to that.

The first image above shows the hair in Grimoire from the Wiccan Pack and displays one of the face armor options while the second is shown in Arcana (also from the Wiccan Pack) and as you can see the face armor is optional.
Now for the face armor.  While the hair is copy, modify, no transfer and contains resizer script, the face armor is copy only.  The script system it uses allows for placement (and you may have to pull this out from your face), resizing, alpha, color, glow, texture change, shiny and bright. You have some options there to customize it so play around to see what you come up with ....just remember to take a copy of it first!

Style Notes:  Dress - Enchantress by Deviance
                    Dark Grey Skin - Cabal: Hollow in Steel by House of Ruin
                    Light Skin - Envy by Red Queen
Playlist: "The Creeps" - Camille Jones; "Bad Attraction" - Brad Sucks; "Pepper" and "They Came In" - Butthole Surfers

Next up.... Kenzie
 This is the base hairstyle.  I couldn't decide on bangs on this one so I made three bangs options to go with it. It's shown in Miste from the Voodoo Pack.
The images above and below are shown in Desire from the Seduction Pack.  The above left image is Bangs #2 and the right is Bangs #1.
 This is the Bangs #3 option and I like this style because it gives me mix and match options like the image below:
I had fun with this just playing around mixing bangs colors to the base hair color which gave me ease to mix my black and white hair :P

And on a side note - after four years I'm finally wearing an AO. Yes, don't faint. I came across some funky stands on one of my outings and just had to have them. My friend was laughing at some of the stupid ones I have but hey...it suits me. Of course once you have the stands you just have to continue on from there. :P

Style Notes:  Skin - Elena Pale by Laqroki
                    Clothing - Love Game by Delirium
                    Nose Piercing - Minotaur by loulou & co (yes, this is one of my favorites

Playlist: "Never Get Out" - Brad Sucks; "B*tch, Please!" - Jeffree Star; "Chemicals Between Us" - Bush; "Blood Rave" - The Crystal Method

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