Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally! A new release

I've managed to recover enough from the chemo so that I can get a couple of styles out.  Chemo. Not exactly the kind of drugs I was hoping for....

I've got two new styles out in the store - first up is Bounce.

This is got a bit of flex to with wispy strands added to the longer side of the hair. There's also a bit of bedhead  with the tufts poking up from the crown.
Skin - Jade by Tuli
Shirt, Belt & Scarf - ToastMonstah by Delirium
Pants - Faded 3 Pants by Nein!
Ears - Yojo Elf Ears by NV

 Don't worry about the feathers. You're not going to come out looking like the chicken lady (and it's probably only the Canadians out there that get the reference on that one. I miss the chicken lady.)  Again with the hair pulled to one side but this time it creates poofy chaos and the feathers in the hair could either be 1) a reflection on the state of the hair i.e. rat's nest or 2) trophies from the ex you just plucked.
Okay...okay. I'm going to stop there because it's 3:13 am and I no longer have a clue what I'm talking about.

Clothes and boots - Trippin by Delirium
Skin - Lea III by T&T Design

And, of course, for you music lovers here's the Playlist:
"No Regrets", "Stripper" and "Bang Bang Bang Bang" by Sohodolls
"Stain" and "Witch Hunt" by Mz Ann Thropik
"Connection" by Elastica
"Black Balloon" and "Night Train" by The Kills

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