Monday, March 5, 2012

New Release

I'm finally back at it after being quiet for so long.  My RL has finally settled down, sorta, and so has my computer for the time being.  My computer decided it was time to ride the short bus like it was some kind of wild bronco and gave me 2 months worth of problems that would have tried the patience of Mother Theresa.  It got so that I started to cringe every time I got near my computer so rather than send it to decorate the bottom of the ocean in a fit of frustration, I decided the better course of action was to just walk away.  It's still giving me grief every once in awhile but I can live with this as it's better than the alternative which is to do a complete wipe and start over.
With that said, I've now got two new styles out, both are tall ones.
The first one is Philandra - a tower of locks, clocks. claws and curls.

 Dress: Basa in red by Yome Shoujo
Skin: Mai Goth by Nuuna's Skins
Face Tattoo: Painted Moth Blush Faded by Rue
Playlist: "Take" & "Sirens" by The Pack A.D.

This one is Twisted Tower which is hair twisted and piled high for a more classic look.  This one comes in solid colors only.  The packs and complete packs have had prices adjusted accordingly.

Dress: After Midnight by Cleo Couture
Necklace & Earrings: Milky Way by Mandala
Skin: Sia Fair by League
Eyeliner: Makeups #2 by Nuuna's Skins
Eyebrow Ring: Nornir by Rozoregalia
Playlist: "uknowhatiwant" by Elektrisk Gonner  & "Living Without You" by Mona Lisa Overdrive

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