Friday, July 13, 2012

The Hair Fair Post Yay!

The creative process is never neat and rarely pretty.  My studio is an explosion of textures, prims, sculpties and pose stands.  My inventory isn't much better.  There were many late nights that carried over into the daylight hours which reached the height of delirium when I stared blankly at the strand of my hair floating in my coffee and wondered at what point I pulled that one out.  Suffice it to say that Maxwell House and I are on a chummy, first name basis.  I also can't help but wonder that if I'm feeling this worn out, I can't imagine how the Hair Fair committee members are feeling.  To their credit, they're always cheery and helpful.

There's five entries for this year's Hair Fair plus the gift.  Two styles are on the wacky side, two are modern and one is a retro.  The gift is something completely different.  Onto the styles....

Gracie is a simple retro style complete with curls galore and bows.  This style only comes in the solid colors - no tip colors.

Skin: Moonbeam Autumn by Curio
Dress: Orient Corset Dress by KWZ
Jewelry: Chandraki by Earthstones
Playlist: the Nocturnes by Chopin

The two modern styles: Heather has an off-center part and two messy ponies with a bit of added flex.

Skin: Alena Scene by Pink Fuel
Clothing: Chaotica by GothiCatz
Bracelets: Sinra2 Bracelet by Mandala
Playlist: "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby,  "Policy of Truth" by Depeche Mode and "Atmen" by Mix and Magix

Alkaline sports a different type of ponies (I'm sensing a theme here...)

Skin: Lunatic by Coca & Wolf
Bracelets: Morte Mia by Loulou & Co
Necklace: Rock 'n' Rolla Heartbreak Chain by Naith Smit Design
Nose Piercing: Minotar by Loulou & Co
Shirt: Jerry Lee by Loulou & Co
Playlist: "What Girls Are Made Of", "Blood For Poppies" by Garbage and "Xcess" by Slick Idiot

And now on to the wacky ones....
Cronos is a large hair style with beads,braids, feathers and vertical-ness in the front.

Skin: Veronica by Deam Ink
Clothes: Madison by Indi Designs
Playlist: "Now is Forever" and "Helium" by Syrian

Last up...Alien.  I had images of Giger in my head when I did this one.  It was a little more intricate to build with twisting the hair strands over the bones.  I loved doing this one although it almost drove me bats aligning the bones and the hair with it.

Skin: Anima Mae Bare by Rue
Eye Makeup: Dark Style Eyeshadow by Kosh
Lipstick: Glossy Lips by Kosh
Eyeliner and Face Tattoo by Pin Me Down
Catsuit: Submission by KC
Eyes: Haunt Frost by The Plastik
Playlist: "Am I To Blame" by Razed in Black and "Reptilian" by NIN

Aaaaaand finally...the gifty.  I've called this one Ferocity and it comes in two colors: Natural Tiger and White Tiger.  The gift as well as all the other styles are Mod/Copy and are equipped with resizing script.
Now that it's all done, my poor hubby won't have to stop to peel his music-pumped, sugar-hyped,  caffeinated wife off the ceiling before getting in the shower.  If you'll all excuse me, I'm going to go to bed and set my alarm for August.

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