Friday, June 18, 2010

New Hair - Demoria

I've got several days off so I'm finally getting around to doing things. Although I have to make this a pretty fast post since it's a nice day and the hubby is laying subtle hints he wants to get outside like sitting on the couch ready to go with camera equipment at hand. ....I wonder how strong duct tape really is. It might buy me a few minutes.

Anyway, this time I have two versions of the same hair. One is more elaborate and the other is the toned down version.

This one is called Demoria and the first two images are the simplified version.
This one is a little different for me in that it's one of those super long hair styles. The long hair in the back is flexi with long bangs in the front and the hair is draped at the sides. Jeweled bands pull the hair into a series of buns and terminates in piles of hair and more drapes at the back of the head. The simplified version is shown in Bone from the Dead Pack.

Below is actually the original version of Demoria with all the bells and whistles.
This version has a large, jeweled spider on the top of the head and a metal spider web fan a the back with flexi tendrils. The picture at the left is shown in Lupa from the Wolf Pack and the right is shown in Fiend from the Goth Pack.

As I said, I'm doing this post in a hurry so I apologize for any typos or murdering of the English language that's taken place.


  1. I recently tried this one on and love it even more than I thought I would. Fantastic work!

  2. Thank you! If you decide to use this in one of your photo shoots I'm sure you'll come up with some very interesting uses for it because I've seen the work you do. Always fantastic stuff!