Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Packs

I tried to get this posted last night but experienced some weirdness so I figured I would try it today instead.

I've been trying to get these new color packs out for a little while but kept getting distracted so I finally put on the headphones (and a thanks to Ruina for letting me perv her musical tastes - there's some really good stuff in there), flipped the busy flag and got all the packs updated. This is only for the actual Hairoin label - not the older Kiss styles.

So as you can see there's 5 new color packs with 6 colors each. The colors are more funky - my personal fav is the Voodoo Pack. I love the Venom color! The complete packs have also been updated and I've decided to leave the price on the complete packs as is - they're still $1750L but now with 114 colors. There's also color demos available which can be found on the right side of the entrance on the way to the big room with all the old Kiss styles.

Incidentally,some of the nuances of the Zombie Pack don't really become apparent until you see it in a longer style. For example, the blues and purples of the Revenant color or the blue and green of the Decay color show up nicely on the Demoria style.

I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Ooooh those are very yum! I'm glad to see these added to the spectrum!

  2. Thanks! I should be good for about another year before I get the urge to create more textures. :P