Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet Annie

It's time for another release and it will probably be the last one before Hair Fair but who knows.  It all depends on whether or not I find my building mojo which seems to be on hiatus at the moment.

Annie May is the title for this one which is an updo of sorts.  The hubby was irking me with anime last week and the word stuck in my head, thus the name.  (Just nod your head and move along.)

Yeah, pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I put out but I like variety.  This one is pulled to the side into a kind of knot.
     Something I keep forgetting about but was pointed out the other day, is my windlight settings.  The Lighting Settings I use are as follows:
Sun/Moon Color:
R = 0.51
G = 0.52
B = 0.55
I = 0.55
Sun/Moon Position = 0.000
R = 0.35
G = 0.32
B = 0.32
I = 0.35
Sun Glow = 0.10
Size = 1.75
Scene Gamma = 2.03
East Angle = 0.50

I've recently made the switch to the Phoenix viewer so if you use that one the *Canimod and *Starley* Settings 2 presets will also work.

Style Notes:
Skin - "Cleo V2 cream by Dutch Touch
Dress - Hauteness! by Cleo Couture
Necklace & Earrings - BohemeMia by Leezu
Playlist: "Dreamscape", "Number Two", & "Speak to Angels" by 009 Sound System
   "Moningstar in a Black Car", "Smile", "Cresendo" & "Smaller" by Ashbury Heights

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  1. Awww it's adorable! (and not in that too-cutesy way either ;D)