Monday, September 12, 2011

New Releases

I meant to get these out in August but I've been busy dodging bullets, so to speak.
I've got 4 new ones out in the store.  I'll start with the style that has two variations first.  This is Afreet which comes with an optional gothic head piece that attaches to the chin and, like the hair, is equipped with the resizing menu. You can see the head piece better in the last shot.

Skin - Maya by Dream Ink
Make up - Nuuna's Makeups V4 by Nuuna's Skins
Dress - Eve by Cleo Couture
Nose chain - Ganesh by LOULOU&CO
Playlist: "Got to Give It Up" by Marvin Gaye and "I Wish I Was The Moon" by Neko Case

Next is the Afreet Short version. As you can see, same idea except without the long, flowing locks. Again, the head piece is included and is equipped with the resizing menu.

Skin - Ataciara, Song, London Fog by The Plastik
Clothes - Necromancer by Designs by Isaura
Playlist: "Girls Can Be Cruel" and "Love and Imitation" by Infusion

This one is Bourgeois Bomb.  More of a Victorian style with the hair piled up high.

Skin - Elena pale by Laq
Dress - At the Ascot by Cleo Couture
Earrings - Morpheus by LOULOU&CO
Playlist: "Nhu Suong Mai" by Phuong Vy and "Kamasutra" by Sitar

Finally, there's Trine.  This one has the hair pulled back to form three ponytails down the back. Kinda like something I used to do as a teenager.

Skin - Olivia Milky by Laq
Clothes - Bonney Lass by PixelDolls
Playlist: "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys and "Magnetizing" by Marsmobil

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