Saturday, July 9, 2011

Post Hair Fair Releases

This first one I started quite some time ago and never got around to finishing it for some reason.  Out of curiosity I checked the prim dates to see exactly when I started it and when I saw August 31, 2010 to Sept 6th I think it was I thought, 'Ah yeah. That explains it.'  That was about the time I got the biopsy results and found I had cancer for the 2nd time. But the chemo and radiation is all done now. I just have two surgeries to go so I'm of two minds about it - I'm not sure if I should be waving the happy flag of "Woohoo" or the white flag of 'Enough is Enough'.
I've called this one Sovereign and I had a lot of fun doing the shots for it.  It's a kind of 'over the top' piece featuring enormous curls, pearls and bows.  (A friend calls it 'rolla' hair.)  And for those of you who are curious, below is the difference between Bone and Argent from the Dead Pack.

 And just for a different take on things, Seven modelled the hair with a distinctly....uhhh ...Gothic(?) flair.
Style Notes:
Elke is wearing:
Dress - White queen by Barerose
Skin - Mai Goth Bare by Nuuna's Skins
Seven is wearing:
Dress - Tsarina by Avid
Shoes - Skull Fetish Boots by Unique Needs
Skin - Elle Pale by Belleza
Playlist - "The Cello Song" by Steven Sharp Nelson & "You've Been Spiked" by Chris Joss

Next up is Chapeau. Yeah I know, I lacked a little creativity on the naming. Yes, it's 'hat hair'. Literally.

This style doesn't have any tips colors so the Dead Pack and Complete Packs have been adjusted in price to reflect this.
Style Notes:
Clothes: Glam Goth II Willow Crimson by Rfyre
Skin: Sara Pearl (with red lips tattoo layer) by Tuli
Playlist - "Go Home - Mesmer's Eyes Remix" by Corporate Soldiers & "Bamboo Banga" by M.I.A.

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