Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hair Fair 2011

So it's that time of year again in Second Life.  Hair Fair is here and with it comes a plethora of new styles, designers, bandanas and gifts to overwhelm the residents.  I started building very late this year which resulted in some long hours, many pots of coffee and the occasional panic attack.  I've got five styles out for the women - sorry guys but it just wasn't flowing for me.  I'll go back and finish it once things have settled down.  I actually have a few styles I started and abandoned because I was fighting with them.  I'll get those done and out in the future as well.  On to the goodies. (This is going to be a long post...)

First up is Meena.  This one is a short, flippy do.  I didn't intend it as a retro thing but when I started doing the promo shots for it, it just kinda came out that way.

Style Notes: 
Clothing - Baby It's Cold Out There by Cleo Couture
Shoes - Soleil by N-Core
Necklace - Sinra by Mandala
Skin - Mima Pale by Laqroki
Eye Makeup - Nuuna's Face Tattoos/Makeups 2 by Nuuna's Skins
Playlist - "I Only Have Eyes for You" by The Flamingos
"Nightshift (Diskonnekted) by Ghost & Writer

Style 2, which has a funky twist, is Neoteric.  This is an updo that has curls spilling forward from an open zipper running up the back of the hair.

Style Notes:
Red Dress - Flirt by Cleo Couture
Black Dress - Bo by LeeZu
Jewelry - Milky Way 2 by Mandala
Skin (First Pic) Alba by Mojo
(Second Pic) Afrodite by Unique Megastore
Playlist: "Chica Bomb" by Dan Bino
"Cry Baby" by Roisin Murphy
"Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" by Offspring

This one, which I called Leviathan, was done at the last minute.  I had been rewatching old episodes of Farscape which is where the inspiration for this one came from. When I had told a certain someone that I wasn't doing anything wild for Hair Fair this year, I didn't lie as this one hadn't even entered my mind yet.  This has five bound hair tubes terminating in a short tuft of hair in the front. Braids encircle the head with some flexi at the sides and back.

Style Notes:
Skin - Meg Pale by Akeruka
Makeup - Nuuna's Tattoo Layer Makeups v7 by Nuuna's Skins
Clothing - Athena by Barerose
Playlist: "Musika Atomica" by Syrian
"Plastik Fantastik" & "Like Something 4 Porno" by Felix da Housecat

The one below is Madison.  This has got hair strands loosely pulled around into a side braid.

Style Notes:
Skin - Eva Tone 1 by Tuli
Shoes - Soleil by N-Core
Clothes - Red Black Mini by Sn@oks
Playlist: "Kidz" by Take That
"Satyam Shivam Sundaram" by Thievery Corporation

Finally is one I called 10 Hour Hair.  It's a circle of hair twists with a small braid spanning the gap at the top.

Style Notes:
Skin - Audrey Tone 2 by Tuli
Clothing - Stripes by PixelDolls
Jewelry - Dusk Velvet Choker Set by Earthstones
Playlist: "Blow" by Ke$ha
"Electric" by Lisa Scott-Lee

Next is the gift I have out in the booth.  I thought I would do something a bit different this year so rather than do hair, I did a hat.

And finally, the bandanas.  I only did three this year because I didn't have time to do any more than that. I would have liked to do more but it just wasn't possible.

Remember, Bandana Day is July 15th and 100% of the sales go to Wigs For Kids

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