Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hair Fair Bandana Day

Ugh. I've started this post 6 times and have ended up hitting the backspace key to erase everything. Apparently I need more coffee....or sleep. Something. At least it's cooled off and I no longer feel like I'm sleeping on the inside of a clothes dryer. I feel there's a nap in my future.

The hair I'm working on is driving me nuts so I thought I'd take a detour to the blog to do a post on the bandanas I've created.  I've done 6 - 4 women's, 2 men's but two of them could be unisex. So without further preamble, here they are:
Hairoin - Bad Dog
Hairoin - Elegant Goth Bandana
Hairoin - Grandma's Shawl
Hairoin - Red Feathered Bandana
Hairoin - Roses & Clover
Hairoin - Skull Bandana
 Bandana Day takes place on September 19th but they'll be for sale throughout the duration of Hair Fair. Remember that all proceeds from the sale of these bandanas goes to Wigs for Kids so find your favorite designer or just bandanas you like and grab them.  All the bandanas at Hair Fair (not just mine) are transfer, modify, NO copy.

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