Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's coming up

"Whaddya mean there's no coffee?"
This is how I'm feeling at the moment and you know it's a bad sign when you wander aimlessly around the house, not quite sure what you're looking for. I knew I was in trouble when I found myself in the bathroom to get a coffee cup.

A lot of things have popped up in the past 24's amazing how many things can come at you all at once (all in a good way) but I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.  Okay...that's a lie. I'm feeling a LOT overwhelmed but I'll get over it. (That reminds me...I forgot to pick up more 'liquid sedative' when I was out yesterday - I'm taking Bubbles' advice to heart :P)  A couple of opportunities have come up for me; one is immediate, the other is a long-haul kinda project but one that's just too intriguing to say 'no' too.

I'm currently working on getting the men's Hair Fair gift done.  I've done the women's and I'll post a couple of pics when I get those all completed.  I hope everyone likes it....personally I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out but then not everyone has the same tastes.

I also plan to post some teasers of the Hair Fair stuff but, again, time has a way of getting away from you so depending on how close it is to Hair Fair I may end up just posting the full images.

Once the Hair Fair stuff is done I'll have some new releases.  I actually made something like 10 new hair (not sure about the actual number sitting in my inventory) for Hair Fair including one for auction in case that happened but it looks like it's not soooooo..... I'll get those out once the dust has settled on everything else which should be the beginning of September.

After that....we'll see what I can get at.  I had certain projects I wanted to finish to get out but things have changed somewhat so now there's a reorganizing of priorities and some frantic building.  But if we didn't get these surprising little irregularities pop up things would be pretty boring.  Right? ;)

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