Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sneak Peek the Hair Fair gifts.  This is going to be my final act for the day.  Then I'm going to see if I can navigate the 20 feet to the bedroom and find the bed.  At this point I'm 50/50 on if it's worth the trouble and could just end up sleeping on the floor curled up next to my fluffy orange boy. (My cat! My cat! Don't be getting any funny ideas. At least he doesn't snore.)

I've got two gifts - one for the men and one for the women - and since we can only put out one goodie box they're wrapped up together.
Behold! The gift box!  I even created the textures for it which is no small feat when you feel the onset of blind panic.
I was going to be a complete cow and just show little snippet pictures but right now I'm too tired to even moo so I figured I'd just post the images.  This one above is for the women. I thought I'd point that out in case anyone was confused on the issue which is entirely possible.  This is SL we're talking about afterall.  It's called Lady Antonella and you'll find the colors pictured above which is Abyss (black) and Cosmos (blond).

Meet Darby.  That's the name of the men's gift. Freaky (blond) and Abyss (black) are the colors that will be found in the box and speaking of colors...things are starting to turn into shades of yellow periodically so either my eyes have developed jaundice in the past 5 minutes or it's time to head out. I'm going with the latter at the moment because it's less work and I'll worry about the former tomorrow. :P

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