Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good things come to those who give up

Wow!   The universe truly has a warped sense of humor.  With Hair Fair this year I took the Zen attitude of what will be, will be or I suppose you could say I took a defeatist attitude this year as I didn't bother doing any promoting at all.  Depends on what side of the fence you view this from.  I didn't send out any of the designs to bloggers.  I had a look down the list and saw that most were interested in natural styles which is not something I really have a taste to do.  I therefore concluded that rather than waste their time and mine I wouldn't bother.  Instead, through a little bizarre twist, a couple of things fell into my lap which left me looking like the village idiot with my stunned reaction. Stunned in a good way.  There is one other thing that popped up - this one NOT in a good way.  I'll have a better idea tomorrow and I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed on that one. Until then I'm not going to spend my time worrying about it.
     On a side note, it did spark a project between myself and another to give a little fair play to the alternative designers.  So among my current things on the go, I'm doing research to ferret out those hair designers who don't like to play in the mainstream.  I must admit I got a little crusty when I had my list of designers to check out on a notecard when SL decided to have an embolism and refused to save it.  I lost about an hour and a half of work.  Sooooo...after that I decided I would save it as a document on my desktop and make notes from there.  In the past couple of days I've heard complaints from other friends that are designers saying they have lost hours of work when they log back in to find SL has reverted what they spent the day doing.
     Anyway, I've got the Lady Antonella and Darby styles done in all the color packs.  I've got another style called Auroral Lace done as well and am working on getting Version 2 done of that.  I've also got styles called 1921, Voodoo Child and Vecona almost ready to go as well.  Voodoo Child is going to take me a while longer than the others to get out as it's a little more texture intensive, plus I finally found the sculpt I was looking for.  I could just give Danuc Landar (the creator) a big, wet smoochie for it!
     I'll get four of the styles out in the store and posted here in the next day or so.  After that...I've got some styles I've just had a real burn to do.  I'll get those out as soon as I can!

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