Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was in such a hurry last time I forgot to mention those cute little dresses - the peacock and the red one are from Haute! by Cleopatra Xigalia.  The one in red is Velvet Touches and the other is Peacock Baby Noir.  My hubby also brought up something interesting while I was creating the promo shots for my new style.  Music is such an absolutely enormous influence on what I build that he figured I should do a play list for my hair.  I thought that wasn't a bad idea.  So to back track a bit, I remember I was listening to "Pretty Toy" by Velvet Acid Christ when I created Machine and "Caustic Disco" also by Velvet Acid Christ when I created (what else) Caustic.  Darby was "Misery" by Maroon 5 and Onarra was "After Glow" by Phil Thornton. That's as much as I can remember; the rest is pretty much a blur. Some of it I wasn't listening to anything which probably accounts for the frustration level on those.
This is Voodoo Child and it's shown here in Grave from the Zombie pack. This one is poofy ponies...kinda.  It's got flexi tendrils hanging along the sides and a skeletal hand as a hairpin.  I had actually created this style for Hair Fair as an auction piece and as we know, there was no auction this year soooooo......  It was that skeletal hand that took me ages to find.  I had pretty much given up and had resigned myself to a fight in zbrush when I was out poking around and came across it.  I'll get this out in the store tomorrow.  I'm still working on promo shots so I'm dong this whole process a little backwards this time.
The playlist for this style is "Voodoo Child" by Rogue Traders

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