Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Hair

So I switched from XP to Windows 7 and went from 2 gig of ram to 16 gig plus a 1 gig Nvidia graphics card. Surprisingly, it went very smoothly. I haven't had any problems. However I also went from CS 3 to CS 5. Problem. I couldn't get the marching ants to appear, did a little digging on the net, sorta found an answer, got frustrated and went and lay on the couch with a book. When the hubby finally got back, I showed him what was wrong, what I had found on the net and he (being a programmer) made the leap to the anti-alias under the advanced setting for the OpenGL. I knew I had an OpenGL problem but wasn't sure exactly what. So let that be a word of advice for anyone else. If you have disappearing marching ants and your drivers are up-to-date and your OpenGL is turned on...check the anti-alias. Which is why this post is late :P Anyway, on to the hair.
This is Auroral Lace. It's got a twisting roll in the front, a weave on the top, a short braid on either side, two ponies and the lacey weave in the back.
This is Auroral Lace V2.  It's got two extra ponies and it's with out the lace weave in the back as you can see and works well with hats.
And of course Lady Antonella and Darby have both been completed into their texture packs and are now out as well.  I had also intended on doing a longer post but I gotta dash and figure out a lighting set up for tomorrow.

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